Just how exceptional is aLOKSAK and its offshoot Odor-Proof barrier bag OPSAK?

These bags have been certified waterproof to 60 meters by Scuba Schools International (formerly NASDS).

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Loksak aLoksak IT ($7 to $18): The iPads and iPhones in our household get exposed to the elements: We use them in the kitchen, while camping or skiing, and even—yes—while relaxing in the tub.  I tested a bunch of waterproof cases and sleeves this past year, and while some offered better shock protection, and others were better for specific uses, I found the aLoksak to be the most convenient and versatile.  The company makes more than a dozen different sizes of this resealable, element-proof, polyethylene pouch, including versions specifically designed for the iPad and the iPhone.  Sticking your device inside the pouch—even with an everyday case still on—is as easy as sticking it inside a Ziploc bag.  You can even use the touchscreen through the pouch.  Over months of use, our iOS devices never got wet.  And, of course, you can also use aLoksaks to protect books, maps, a wallet, or anything else you can fit inside.  Dan Frakes-MacWorld Click here to read the full review.

“The LOKSAK has a myriad of uses.  It works great for its intended purpose of keeping water out, but it also works just as well at keeping things in.  Dehydrated foods can be re-hydrated by pouring boiling water into the bag.  It can be used to protect valuable items from weather or environmental damage.”
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