**Any time a bag is deemed by a customer to be less than fully effective, is always a great concern to LOKSAK.  We certainly apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.    We sell millions of bags a year, many to government agencies transporting biological, chemical, and radiological evidence and always want our customers to remain fully confident in the LOKSAK brand.

Please read this carefully and in the event you still feel you have a defective bag, send it to the address below.  If deemed defective, we will replace the defective bag and send two additional bags of the same size.

Thank you for your consideration in assisting LOKSAK and our engineers with our quality control.   We manufacturer 50,000 bags of one SKU (inventory ID Number) at the same time.  Each bag has an identification number which will enable LOKSAK to quarantine the cases until we can review each case.


*Defective bags and requesting credit or replacement:

All of our bags are considered disposable and must eventually be replaced after extended use.  While highly durable they do have a limited lifespan depending on frequency and type of use.

The seal is typically the first part to depreciate when a bag is ready to be replaced and usually there are visible signs of wear.  Any bag where the text has worn off and the film has turned cloudy, has seen excessive use and is not considered a defective bag.  Therefore we do not replace over-used bags.  We will not be responsible for any valuables that have been placed in our bags.

If you believe you have a defective bag and want a replacement, the bag must be returned to LOKSAK.  Once we receive the bag, we will fill it with air and test it for leakage while submerged.  You can also do this test yourself in a sink by simply blowing a small amount of air into the bag and then making certain it is properly sealed.

Defective normally means the bag is new and has never been used, however we will consider a bag that is hardly used (which means it looks new).  Therefore, so long as the bag shows no sign of misuse, we will replace it along with an additional two bags of the same size.


Over-stuffing the bags is never advised, as it can compromise our patented seal and risk leakage.

Please note that LOKSAK must see any bag that a customer claims is defective within 45 days of purchase along with your receipt.  All returned bags that are deemed defective are immediately brought to the attention of our engineers for review.


Return bag address:


ATTN: Engineer

PO BOX 7127

Naples, FL 34101




Linda Kennedy